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MMA Academy

We are a full time training center offering REAL Krav MagaFitness and Fighting programs for Men, Women, Children, Law Enforcement and Military.


We have programs for everyone regardless of experience and fitness capabilities. We have trained thousands of people interested in learning self-defense. 

An Official Krav Maga Worldwide training center - We have members from all walks of life attending from all over San Diego County.


Don't let the name fool you! We have been teaching Mixed Martial Arts for self-defense for over 30 years - long before the term MMA was ever coined. 



Try it first! The best way to learn about MMA Academy is to take an ORIENTATION CLASS. Just call us or book an appointment here.


Whether you interested in training with a block of classes or learning the levels of curriculum in the Krav Maga Worldwide system, we have an extensive variety of options available.


WE DON’T COMPETE ON PRICE. WE COMPETE ON QUALITY. We are not teaching cage fighting we are teaching LIFE-SAVING skills. Come see why over 800 Law Enforcement agencies (Federal, State and Local) use Krav Maga as their defensive tactics system!

Learn what to do...

practice what you've learned...

stress what you've practiced!

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Private Lessons


"I'm a 33 year old police officer and I wish I started this much earlier.  I started with MMA Academy Krav Maga about a month ago.  I have other martial arts experience in Goju Ryu Karate, Marine Corps Martial Arts, and police defensive tactics, but Krav Maga has the most efficient and realistic techniques I've ever seen.  The instructors that have been at my classes know their stuff AND CAN ACTUALLY TEACH.  Signing up for Krav Maga at MMA Academy has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  If you are a civilian and want to learn real self-defense, MMA Academy/Krav Maga Worldwide is the place to do it.  If you are in the military or law enforcement, it's also the place to train.  Plus, for cops and military, you get to attend the Force Training Division seminars (cops & military only).  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is great when you only have one attacker or you want fight in the UFC, but if you want to train to save your life, Krav Maga is where it's at and MMA Academy/Krav Maga is where you need to be."


"Mike and his crew are excellent! Great instruction fueled by a passion for the cause of teaching others to protect themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the seminar this weekend. Thanks for what you do!"


"it's an awesome place to learn AUTHENTIC Krav Maga Self Defense! This training facility is an OFFICIAL "Krav Maga Worldwide" LICENSEE (a legit Krav Maga organization). All instructors are very SKILLED and KNOWLEDGEABLE, the training facility is very NICE and CLEAN, the training atmosphere is very ALIVE, GREAT classmates, and you HAVE the FLEXIBILITY to train at your OWN schedule and at your OWN pace. I would RECOMMEND this place to anyone who wants to learn EFFECTIVE Reality Based Self Defense and a GREAT workout! I'm HOOKED! Krav Maga for LIFE!!!!!"


11211 Sorrento Valley Road, Ste M

San Diego, CA 92121

Tel: 858-564-8800


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