MMA Academy is proud to be celebrating it's 31st Anniversary helping people to Get in Shape and Go Home Safe.


Please take a moment to understand and think about this; While people get excited about the latest “THIS” and the greatest “THAT” just remember it is, and always will be, all up to you!People don’t need Purple or Orange and now Red to help get them into shape! Remember all you need is to believe in yourself to make the change and find a training location and instructors to be accountable!


People bounce around to try all types of fitness programs usually because they either lose interest in what they are doing or don’t feel like they are being challenged! At MMA Academy we are teaching a valuable skill! Learning how to defend yourself is very self-esteem building! When you feel good about yourself it shows to others around you! Being confident in stressful situations makes you appear less like an “Easy Target”!


We believe that; if you have the physical stamina to endure a two-minute fight for your life, this is a good tactic to possess. Our fitness program compliments our Self-Defense program precisely for that reason!Come Get in Shape and Go Home Safe! See you on the mat!

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