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MMA Academy understands and is doing all it can during this unprecedented  and uneasy time to assist and ease our members by providing our services remotely and timely. Please understand that this will pass and we WILL be get back to our regular services and soon as possible. We have enacted our policy below starting from 6/15/2020 and will continue to monitor the current situation from the City of San Diego.

If you are in a TERM Membership, there NO need to submit a letter requesting an extension that has been automatically done. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact and please cc

Mike and Anne Marie would like to personally thank all our clients that reached out to show support for us and your center by keeping their memberships current! We promise to make it up when things return to normal. Please join in on our classes that are online. You can find the private Facebook Groups on our


Take care and be Safe!

God Bless




Training Suspension/Extension


As a courtesy to our members we do offer a “Training Suspension/Extension” option during periods of time that you may be unable to train at the Center. Whether you are eligible for a “Training Suspension/Extension” depends on the terms of your contract. Please refer to your membership agreement for details.

Term Memberships:

(Memberships in which the individual is signed up for a minimum of six-months or one year)

For Term memberships, we offer the option to place a “training suspension/extension” on the account during the period of time that the member is unable to train (ONE MONTH INCREMENTS ONLY). The member must fill out a Training Suspension Form or send request to at least 2 weeks prior to the billing date. The member is still required to pay his/her monthly dues as scheduled while the account is on a training suspension; however, the member will be credited at the end of their term with the number of months that he/she did not train. 

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